Lexycom Technologies, Inc. is an OEM of software-defined radios (SDR). We specialize in radio-frequency technology for industrial, commercial, and government applications. Lexycom offers versatile, robust, wireless communication solutions for applications that require reliable data collection, monitoring, and control (156-174 MHz | 270-400 MHz | 900 MHz | 1.3 GHz | 2.4 GHz; RF output power 1W...50W; RF rates 0.3kbps...6Mbps).

Our SDRs are able to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. They feature on-board encryption (FIPS-140-2 NIST-certified Crypto), inter-changeable data interfaces (RS232/485 | SDLC | Ethernet | Digital IO), multi-data capability (C2 | Data | Video | Health; up to 4x serial), and a variety of user selectable network protocols (Mesh | Ad-Hoc | enhanced/dynamic-TDMA | P2P/P2M | Hybrid).

In addition to the standard product line, Lexycom Technologies offers custom development - back-compatibility with an obsolete products, application-specific frequencies or network capabilities.

Our goal is to provide the most innovative, secure, wireless data communication solution available in one convenient software programmable package.
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